Cameron's belief that music has a unique effect on us fuels his desire to expand the perimeter of what we expect. The manipulation of our innate reactions is the essence of his work and is what defines his music.


Cameron was classically trained in piano and music theory from the age of five and after over a decade of refining his craft, passed grade 8 piano with distinction.

He uses his classical tuition alongside his experience and skills in different areas to create a multitude of music: from elegant, awe-inspiring scores, to harsh, unnerving soundscapes. His love of film lets him understand the meaning behind an image and allows him to tell a story with his music. This has been recognised by people he has worked with on short films and games.


After many years of writing and producing his own music, he started producing for other artists too. His work spans many genres, from heavy metal, to a cappella jazz. He has also done arrangements for records and helped develop artists as part of his production process.

Experience in different styles allows him to pull from a wealth of resources to give his productions a unique quality.

He is currently studying a degree in Music Production at Leeds College of Music.